What we do

Cush Organization for Development Advocacy objectives are:

CODA’s objectives are as follows:

Peace building and Unity – Contribute to peace building and Enhance Unity among all ethnicities through conflict mitigation, training, capacity building, Conferences, seminars, Dialogues within communities.

Promote access to Education

Education is crucial for economic development of any given nation. Citizens who can read, write and think critically have better economic opportunities, higher agricultural productivity, healthier children and better reproductive health as they have the power of knowledge which they use to discern better opportunities from bogus ones. Thus investing in education brings nations gargantuan benefits socially, environmentally and economically.

CODA promotes access to Education by advocating for Education better education systems in . Coda is currently raising funds to build charitable learning institutions and social Centre for the youth program in the various states areas of South Sudan such as Waat in Bieh State, Jonglei, Bhar el Ghazal, Equartoria and Upper Nile.

Our learning institutions and social Centre will provide…

  • Housing for local and international youth interns and young entrepreneurs.
  • Creative space to launch new businesses, acquire skills and hold community conversations.
  • A model of sustainability with solar panels, rain barrels and urban-rural agriculture projects.


The purpose of Cush Organization for Development Advocacy is to create innovative solutions that enhance agriculture through efficient, reliable and affordable equipment and services that offer superior quality, high performance and exceed our customer’s expectation profitably.

CODA aims at improving Agricultural production by extensive use mechanized technology that is friendly to environment.

CODA’s focus is to create better yields through better knowledge, to provide crop nutrition solutions for millions of farmers in South Sudan and its neighbours as well as to increase crop yield and quality – and ultimately farmer’s profits – while maintaining soil quality and environmental values hence farmers’ sustainability and food security in the country.

CODA holds that for us to ensure food security in South Sudan and the rest of Africa, we need to produce almost double the current farm produce especially in maize. We therefore need more research to enable us to get more farm input. Also, to ensure food security in South Sudan, the government need to subsidize the cost of input as well as training to ensure post –harvest losses are minimized. The locals  also ought to be encouraged to diversify the food base by planting more indigenous crops for instance yams, cassava, millet etc.

CODA envisions a Food Secure South Sudan where each and every household has access to food and that each individual consumes the minimum dietary requirement as quality level resulting in healthy and quality life, disease free and productive society.

Good Governance

Good Governance entails respect to human rights, justice, equality, fairness, accountability, objectivity, equity distribution of resources & services, and empowerment. CODA aims at contributing in good governance in South Sudan. CODA envisions good governance that pin point the rule of law. Since its formation CODA has been working towards reducing the gap between the community, and Link the progress in South Sudan. CODA has been on the forefront of encouraging leadership that keeps its promises to the electorate.

CODA encourages good governance through consensus and majority participation in an open and transparent manner. This presupposes availability of a just and accountable system that does not condone corruption, discrimination, nepotism, and other social inequities. The organization further aims at working for the development of democratic societies, strengthening the capacities of civil society and promoting human rights and the rule of law.

CODA promotes accountability and transparency. We respect the public assets preserved with utmost seriousness, and not misused for selfish purpose.

Empowerment and capacity building

We strive to provide experiences and opportunities for youth and women to bring forth the best within themselves, to constantly development and enhance their abilities, to take responsibility for their own transformation and to make positive contributions to their community. We do this by focusing on:

  1. Education- With a focus on South Sudanese Youth Education, we mentor and educate youth, teaching entrepreneurship, science and technology.
  2. Empowerment- Youth gain critical thinking and public speaking skills by researching and presenting at public forums on topics which have included: climate change, education, and more.
  3. Environment and Economy- Youth learn about both sustainability and entrepreneurship through our rural agriculture projects and businesses.

CODA seeks to create a more just, equitable human-centered world by nurturing youth and young adults to be leaders, critical thinkers and doers who see the people in any community as the most valuable assets and are committed to working with marginalized communities to bring about change that leads to empowered self-sustainable communities.

Why is this Important?

CODA believes the greatest resource in any community is its people. They possess talents, gifts and abilities of enormous potential. However, in marginalized communities this significant asset is often limited or undervalued due to much of the people’s creativity, ingenuity and time being directed at surviving. A more just, equitable, human-centered world is fundamental to providing everyone an environment in which they have opportunities to bring forth the best that is within them, to become self-actualized and to contribute their genius to bettering their community and the world.

Promoting Peace and Unity

CODA aims at ensuring conflict resolution and peace making by preventing and resolving armed and political conflicts around the globe. Since its inception CODA has come up with various initiatives to foster peace building and enhance unity among all ethnicities, by conflict mitigation, training, capacity building, conferences, seminars, dialogues within communities.

CODA promotes an innovative, values-based approach to peace building, guided by the vision of One Family under God.  CODA works in an entirely different and creative approach to oppose violence.

This is a community-based development program that is committed to fostering family self-reliance in the communities in which it works.

CODA educates youth to become leaders with moral and innovative capacity by forming a movement of young leaders from all backgrounds working towards peace.

CODA advances community driven development projects is different settlements to empower families and build resilient communities. CODA works include workshops, training and enterprise development to promote education, health, economic development and security in communities in Kenya.
CODA has implemented various peace projects in South Sudan, Uganda and Kenya.

Dialogue and Advocacy

Dialogue is fundamental to the development of South Sudan. CODA seeks to contribute to a just society by promoting unity and convening dialogue around critical social issues.

CODA believes in the principle of dialogue and the art of listening and speaking to others; and the art of getting others to listen and speak to one another.

The objective of the Dialogue for Justice is to develop and sustain a dialogue platform promoting development. CODA aims to use the history, experience, values, vision and leadership of its founders to provide a non-partisan platform for public discourse on important social issues, and in doing so, to contribute to policy decision-making.

CODA aims at ensuring that South Sudan should occupies a unique space in Africa and globally as an example of a country that emerged from the morass of deeply rooted racial, cultural and political divides – primarily because of timely dialogue between all its stakeholders.

It is the CODA’s view that the original spirit of inclusive and open dialogue that will broke the political deadlock needs reinvigoration. Therefore, the CODA intends bringing about meaningful conversations among all relevant stakeholders. Drawing on the rich traditions of transformative dialogue, problem-solving and social renewal that will make South Sudan’s remarkable transition possible, we hope to facilitate greater understanding and awareness about the problems faced by the South Sudanese and the possible solutions available to them.

Dialogue is at once a vital instrument for addressing critical social issues and the most effective vehicle for sharing memory, for growing it, and for engaging it in the promotion of justice and social cohesion. The objective of the Dialogue for Justice Programme is to create relevant platforms and find sustainable solutions to critical social issues.