Why we do what we do

Peace building and Unity

Contribute to peace building and Enhance Unity among all ethnic groups by conflict mitigation, training, capacity building, Conferences, seminars, Dialogues within communities.

Promote access to Education

Promote access to Education by building a charitable learning institutions and social Centre for the youth program, both nationally and internationally.


Improve Agricultural production from poor technology to mechanized  technology, and to  create environmental Safety, pollution, biodiversity, fishing, forestation, deforestation, and combating other disasters & to adapt tourists attraction for Development, and Investment  in natural resources and nurturing  humanity.


To Cooperate and create a good governance that pin point the rule of law with other stakeholders in the community such as NGOs, UN -Agencies, and International NGOs.

To reduce the gap between the community, and Link the progress in the Society, Networking groups for lobbying resources from the Government, NGOs, International NGOs, UN Agencies, and good Samaritans for the success of the initiative for encouraging self-sufficiency, micro finance, enterprise for community development, plan & generate activities of the organization for the implementation of the project, to monitor & evaluate the overall goals and objectives of organization.

To provide relief to the affected communities in Greater Upper Nile Region.

To assist the returnees find their original home in South Sudan